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BPO Test Drive

What is a BPO Test Drive?

When purchasing a new car, it is customary to take it for a test drive to ensure that the vehicle you are considering meets your specific requirements. Similarly, our BPO Test Drive operates on the same principle.


This trial program is designed specifically for new clients like expanding small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) who would prefer to have an experienced BPO company handle their customer support.


It also works well for enterprise level clients who want to evaluate one of our BPO partners to add to their multi-vendor program. The BPO Test Drive offers you a chance to get acquainted with a new BPO partner prior to committing to a more extended collaboration.

Experience exceptional customer care during an unparalleled evaluation period of six months without a long-term contract, all at a fixed cost with some of our BPO partners. Our partners are confident that you will be so impressed after six months that you will want to commit to a more lasting partnership.


Is the program costly?

The program is not expensive. It has a fixed cost structure, and it is easy for you to budget. However, additional charges may apply for specific software licenses requested by a client.

How many agents can participate in the trial program?

The trial program requires a minimum of 5 dedicated agents and a supervisor. If you need a larger group of agents that is not a problem.


What happens after the six-month trial period?

During the six-month trial period, our partners’ operational teams will work closely with you to ensure the program's success and make any necessary adjustments. At the end of the trial period, you will have the opportunity to evaluate the entire program and decide if it is a good fit for your company going forward.


If you choose to continue, which we think you will, you and our BPO partner will establish an agreement that outlines the terms and pricing for your ongoing partnership. 


Where are the agents located?

Portfolio agents are in 10 countries currently, including the United States and Canada.


How are the agents trained?

Each of our BPO partners has a comprehensive protocol for hiring onboarding, training, and supervising agents. This will be done in consultation with you to ensure that the training program aligns with your specific requirements and needs.


Can your portfolio partners provide guidance?

Our BPO partners are experts in customer service, providing guidance on cutting-edge technologies, industry-best practices, and insightful customer analytics tailored to foster the growth of your business.

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Free Consultation

Call Center Profiles

  • Each has 15 + years of experience
  • 400-2600 agents
  • Entrepreneurial & privately owned 
  • Serving public and private companies
  • PCI/SOC 1-2/HIPAA certifications
  • Affordable rates
  • References available upon request
  • Experienced management teams

Call Center Services

  • Secure cloud-based servers
  • 24/7/365 operations available
  • Voice, Email, Text, Chat, IVR, Social
  • Dedicated or shared agents
  • Custom knowledge base optional
  • English, Spanish, French languages
  • Choice of agent location
  • Volume discounts available
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